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Version 2.10.00 Released

Integrated Proxies, Proxy Manager, Keep Profile Alive and Sick Browser

Download the latest update here!

Proxy Manager

The all new Proxy Manager allows you to harvest and test free public proxies for use with the Sick Profile Maker. Sick Profile Maker will even automatically rotate through the proxies for you.

Download the Proxy Manager Documentation here

Keep Alive

Automatically logs in to your created profiles and allows you to keep your profile active and “Alive”.

The first script logs in clicks around then exits before it moves on to the next account

The second Script for Keep Alive has been added the “always_alive.sic script”, this script will login and keep the Sick Window open so you can interact with sites and do things like join in on community conversations. This is also helpful for SE bots to index your profile on sites that show active users on the home page.

Note: If you have 30 sites checked 30 windows will open so be careful

Sick Browser

The Sick Browser is just a stripped down version of whatever IE you have installed on your system.
We found there were a lot of errors caused by users having multiple toolbars installed in IE and this also slowed down PM overall. We felt the best solution was just to have us remove them since they are not necessary to run PM.

We have also been busy behind the scenes creating many new features and bug fixes all listed below.

Profile Maker Updates:

Ability to Edit Logins and Passwords for a site from within Profile Maker
Ability to Delete a site in Profile Maker and have it deleted from .sic code
Keep Profile Alive check in PM – Options in Global Settings (Logs in and click around)
2nd option for Keep Profile that allows you to login and interact with the site
Last Visit gives you the Date of Registration or last time Keep Alive was run
Use Proxies check box tells PM to use Proxies from Proxy Manager (See Proxy Manager above)
Current Proxy tells you the current proxy being used
Option –> Verify Proxy allows you to confirm proxies are working correctly when on
Add countdown till site is skipped to show it is working
Added option in Global setting to set your own Skip time
Miscellaneous bugs corrected

Tool Kit Updates:

Improved function clickurl()
Fixed a small issues with IF() and getbodytext() commands
Open() command has been updated and improved
Now can be used at the same time PM is being run
ClickLink() command has been updated and improved
Two new commands have been added that will run external applications – Run($filename), RunWait($filename)
Miscellaneous bugs corrected

Toolkit Wizard

Added the MyBB Platform

User Manager Updates:

Fixed a duplicate bug where when you duplicated a profile it changed the wrong one
Notated that Text Fields are Spinnable in the User Manager
Increased the character limit to 9999999 in the about me, personal motto, advanced links, custom1, custom2, custom3
Miscellaneous bugs corrected

We would like to thank you for your continued subscription and support, and as always we welcome suggestions for features here Sick User Voice

For any kind of help please visit the Support Forum

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