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Sick Submitter 3.039

Sick Submitter 3.039

Sick Submitter 3 keeps improving with over 60 updates and tweaks in this months version including a new API for exporting your links, a new URL Manager, a new Blog Submitter tab, a rebuilt Scheduler, smarter Advanced Links and new Help tabs.

Version 3.043 Download

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** Note: Minor updates from 3.039 are at the bottom

Major Changes

  • New API for Exporting URL’s
  • New URL Manager
  • New Blog Submitter Tab
  • Rebuilt Scheduler
  • Added Help Tab and a way to remove Help Tabs
  • New Advanced Links
  • Custom Check Sites

Turn off Help Tabs (Advanced Users Only)

  • Go to Global Settings
  • Miscellaneous
  • Check Hide Help Tabs
  • Save & Exit
  • Restart Submitter

Sick API

The Sick API will allow third party script developers to have access to the links you have created with Sick (there are none yet so get to building)

In Submitter:
New Sick API is integrated into Submitter.
This function can be turned on and off in Global settings > Miscellaneous (is ON by default)

Web Access:
The Web part of the API can be accessed by users at Login – Sick API your login and password are your Submitter login and password.

API Developers
Developers can go to Documentation General API Parameter and Documentation List of available API’s to start creating.

API Groups
API Groups can be found on the bottom right of the Registration Info tab. Submitter sends the group along with the urls to the API.

API Group documentation can be found on the API Documentation page

Mass export Links to API

  • Open URL Manager
  • Open Profile to Export
  • Check the links to export
  • Click Export to API in URL Manager Menu Bar

Custom Check

Custom Check is in response to this post – option to select all based on output?

You would press Custom Check on Bottom and Enter in the pop up the output you want selected in the stringed Packets.

For Example if you wanted all Fail – Captcha Error you would enter that in the output box and press Execute

Using Advanced Links in Blog Comments

  • Click “Use Advanced Links for Comment Name Field”
  • This will Grey out the Names Field
  • Enter your advanced links as normal
  • The URL will be entered into the URL Field the Keyword will be entered into the name field

New use of Advanced Links
You can now enter Advanced Links at any place you want in the Comment field by using the Short Code #advancedlink#

{Very nice blog|Great site} I will put my link here #advancedlink#

The Advanced link in the Comment Field will be the same as the one used for the Name and URL.

New Commands for Coders

  • New sick command GetSingle()
  • New sick command GetElementName()
  • New sick command GetFormName()
  • New sick command Curl()

New Commands for Coders

get one value from a var that have several lines, useful for var with several values with line (ex: BlogNames)


will grab the element with have mail in the name


will grab a form name from a site

execute a curl command

curl can post into forms for more details check

Breakdown of Changes

  • New Url Manager
  • Fixed mail regex for foreign pc’s
  • New external sickrun.exe killer (taskControl.exe).
  • New “external sickrun.exe killer” item in addons menu
  • Submitter more compatible with foreign characters
  • New default mail regex (grab less unwanted links)
  • Change mail password to visible
  • New Fields in RSS Info tab (Website, Category1, Category2, Category3, Category4, Negative Keywords)
  • Article Dashboard template and script updated
  • Scrollbars added in all script infobox
  • BestSpinner unchangeable words bug fixed
  • New sick command GetSingle()
  • New sick command GetElementName()
  • New sick command GetFormName()
  • New sick command Curl()
  • Fixed startup exception error
  • Pligg updated
  • New tab blog submitter
  • New templates WP comment, Movable comment and BlogEngine
  • Menu applications more compatible
  • Add checkboxes in proxies
  • Sickrun multiple captcha bug fixed
  • UseBB template, April2011 and March2011 scripts Updated
  • Php_LD template updated
  • Directories script updated
  • RSS script updated
  • Pligg script updated
  • Proxy harverst bug fixed
  • Faster load of profiles
  • Improved download of small updates
  • Load and save bookmark info in files
  • Help tabs for Newbies added
  • Rebuilt Scheduler
  • Scheduler now shows time to next Run
  • Added option in global settings to hide help tabs for experienced users
  • Updates to rss.sic, phpdugg.sic, pligg.sic and scuttle.sic
  • Remove harvest proxy duplicates before add to main list
  • Removed source #7 from proxy harvest (it was dead)
  • Duplicate links in advanced random fixed (fingers crossed)
  • Add a new button “Custom Check” in all submitter tabs
  • Several templates updated
  • Trial script message bug fixed
  • Fixed a few random bugs that would crash Submitter
  • New proxy sources in harvest
  • Comment_WP template updated
  • Bug in Test TBS fixed
  • Blog Column sorting bug fixed
  • Add new field in profile site list, “Link Used” it shows the link Submitter used in that site in the format of BBcode, Users can see the url and the keyword used
  • Add new field in url manager, “Link Used”
  • Added way to mass export old links to API in url manager
  • Delete sites in blog tab bug fixed
  • Export to pinger bug in blog tab fixed
  • New Advanced Links
  • Scheduler multiple runs bug fixed
  • Scheduler mode improved
  • Proxy tab improved
  • Proxy list with right click menu
  • Force reload reload registry values option moved from global settings to proxy tab
  • Move some items between the menus “Option” and “Addons”

Sick Submitter 3.040

  • Improved the authentication module
  • Copy to clipboard updated
  • New: Split urls per packet in wizard
  • DBC api updated

Sick Submitter 3.041

  • URL manager find bug fixed
  • New option in global settings “Allow Submitter to change registry values”

Sick Submitter 3.042

  • Url manager find bug fixed
  • New option in global settings “Allow Submitter to change registry values”
  • Find in URL Manager Improved
  • Hotkey CTRL-F to open find in URL Manager
  • The Best Spinner global Unchangeable Words bug fixed
  • API title bug fixed

Sick Submitter 3.043

  • Blog custom fields save bug fixed
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