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Sick Scheduler

The new Sick Scheduler will allow you to combine the packet stringing feature in a project file, to schedule all your work making Sick a truly automated solution. 

How many of you wold like to come in on Monday, spend an hour or two scheduling all of your link building with Sick Submitter (maybe less) then sit back and relax while your sites or clients sites are being marketed with no input from you? 

Can it really be that easy? 

The short answer is YES!!! 

Documentation for setting up projects and using the scheduler can be found here

Please remember to test your packets prior to setting up schedules, this will prevent errors, and ensure you get the best results possible

Version 2.14.31 Download

Discuss Version 2.14.31


New Feature:

  • Projects: A feature that allow you to save projects (profiles, packets, proxies)
  • Scheduler: A program to run saved projects on a schedule
  • encoder.exe: A program to encrypt your .sic scripts or templates to
  • .six (encrypted sic file, source code not encrypted)


  • New: Add Check All Sites and Uncheck All Sites in all scripts to the right click option menu
  • Update: Warning when using different emails, only notifies once
  • New: Menu Project with Open,Save and Scheduler
  • Fix: Test connections (no longer opens second sick program)
  • New: Encrypt Sick Code
  • New: UTF-8 is now accepted
  • Update: All message boxes have a timeout, preventing script pauses
  • Templates can be encrypted
  • Update: Load scripts will only compare sites names with PMU.
  • Update: Drop downs of site list can display more than 30 sites now


  • Update: Ping servers list

Sick code:

  • Fix: Run() and Runwait() executing programs with path with spaces
  • New: Command SetTimeOut($seconds), this command will set the
  • Timeout for each command to be executed, by default is set to 90 seconds, if $seconds=0 then timeout will be disabled
  • Fix: Regex($string,$test) { and } are allowed, $string and $test are not spinable

New Files:

  • encoder.exe – Program to encrypt your scripts or templates from .sic to .six
  • scheduler.exe – Program to schedule your submitter runs

New Shortcuts:

  • encoder in builder folder
  • scheduler in the submitter folder
  • Sick Folder shortcut (for easier access to scripts, templates and other sick folders)
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