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    1. XenForo Forum Template and Packet - Brand New Profile Platform Links! Details »»

      XenForo Forum Template and Packet - Brand New Profile Platform Links!

      Version: , by (Coder/Coder) lilbeewee is offline
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      Category: Profile Submitter Template
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      Released: 05-30-2012 Last Update: Never Downloads: 0
      No support by the Coder.

      XenForo Forum Template and Packet

      XenForo profiles are brand new to Sick. Until now there's not been anything to submit to them. Even Xrumer has only just started being able to use them.

      The template registers, creates profile and outputs the URL. It also tells you if a registration page was found or not and it even tries to make the profile publicly viewable if it is not.

      Comes with full usage instructions and tips. As well as a big list of footprints and keywords for finding the different pages of XenForo forums such as profile and register pages.

      What You Get
      • 1x XenForo Template
      • 1x XenForo Packet with 710 XenForo forums
      • 1x Instructions + Usage Tips
      • 1x XenForo Footprints + Keywords List

      Price: $20.00

      >> Buy and Download <<

      1/08/12 - Template and packet updated.
      Template has better site support and packet has 1060 sites.
      17/12/12 - Template and packet updated. 710 sites.

      Show Your Support

      • This Packet may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without coder's permission.
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    MarcOP runs:

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    Hmm, do i start to scrape XenForo Sites… hopefully this packet is a part of the Sick Submitter 3 Seo package…

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    lilbeewee runs:

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    Link up now.

    Well, I've supplied 596 XenForo forums with this template and I only scraped them using no proxies and the default keywords. I am sure if you use proxies and big list of keywords you can find many many more XenForo forums. “Forum software by XenForo” shows 9,010,000 results.

    It might be included in the SEO Package but not until the sales limit is reached first.

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