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      Sick 4 High Quality Blog Directory Submitter

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      Pack-a-Punch your Blogs!

      "Not your usual monotony of blog directory submission sites"

      For years I've used blog directories to build backlinks and attract the targeted traffic that high traffic, high PR Blog Directories can bring. You know the kind, that you submit your blog site to and they list it with all your posts/pages etc linking to and or hosting your site on theirs. Great for SEO, indexing and targeted visitors. But it can be tedious manually joining each site and submitting your link, title, description, tags, categories etc etc over and over again by hand. So I have built the High Quality Blog Submitter to quickly and efficiently submit to the Major Blog Directories that accept blogs to be listed.

      Submit your main blog site like your Wordpress blog site or even your secondary Web 2.0 wordpress, blogspot, tumblr, livejournal, blogr etc sites. But don't submit proper junk sites. Only submit actual blogs!

      You can include the RSS feed of your blog - put it in Custom1 field.

      I've tested this by using it over and over again for most of my main blogs and several Web2.0's first before releasing it getting it running perfectly in hidden mode so you should get smooth sailing 100% with all sites. I recommend you watch your very first run in visible mode to see this beast at work.

      Similar to my High Quality Article Submitter this comes in 2 separate packets. Contains Blog Directories that require registration first and a packet of no registration required blog directories that accept blogs only.

      Registration Required Directories - Full registration and submission. Some allow unlimited submissions. Some allow only a few per account.

      Top 10 Blog Submission Directories
      blogged.com PR6
      bloggernity.com PR6
      blogowogo.com PR6
      bloggerschoiceawards.com PR5
      blogrankers.com PR5
      blogskinny.com PR5
      ping.sg PR5
      blogginglist.com PR4
      bloglisting.net PR4
      topblogging.com PR3
      blog-search.com PR3
      blogdirectory.info PR3

      1. Run Signup step.
      2. Run Confirmation.
      3. Run Custom1 to do actual Submission.
      4. Optionally run Custom2 step to try grab an output URL. (Not perfect for every site as some are manually confirmed)*.

      No Registration Directories - Submission only. Submit to as many times as you want.
      boingboing.net PR8
      infomine.ucr.edu PR8
      blogs.com PR7
      blog-directory.org PR6
      blogdigger.com PR6
      blogpulse.com PR6
      freeprwebdirectory.com PR6
      blogrollcenter.com PR5
      blogdire.com PR5
      crayon.net PR5
      blogsrater.com PR5
      blogville.us PR5
      delightfulblogs.com PR5
      info-listings.com PR5
      liquida.com PR5
      bloglinker.com PR5
      sarthak.net PR4
      blogratedirectory.com PR4
      blogotion.webs.com PR4
      quickblogdirectory.com PR4
      submitblognow.info PR4
      wilsdomain.com PR4
      blogsitelist.com PR3
      webdirectories.co PR3
      feedplex.com PR3
      fybersearch.com PR3
      submitblog.buzzerhut.com PR3
      blogpopular.net PR3
      ezedir.com PR3
      blogdirectory.ckalari.com PR2
      conseillemoi.net PR2
      blogdust.com PR2
      blogicas.com PR2
      bloggerinternet.com PR1
      droool.net PR1
      blog-collector.com PR0
      blloggs.com PRNA

      1. Run Submit
      2. Confirm Emails

      Each site individually hand coded to work in Sick 4 Directory Submitter tab.

      • More directories added over time.
      • Packets supported and PR listed.
      • Free support and lifetime updates.
      • Comes with full instructions and tips.

      *As time goes on more sites will be added and modifications made to how sites work such as being able to get output links of the actual blogs.

      Add some links that matter to the mix. To see why these sites are helpful see here Blog Directory Submission: Why to Go For It?


      Only available as part of my Sick SEO Package.

      Show Your Support

      • This Packet may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without coder's permission.
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    Is this template available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BPS View Post
    Is this template available?
    Packet. And yes it's available as part of my Sick SEO Package.
    You can get it for free with that.
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