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    Cool Download Sick Platform Reader

    What is Sick Platform Reader

    Sick Platform Reader was created to parse the many available backlink packets into managable lists to help automate your link building experience.

    It can also be used on a scraped list of your competitors backlinks to see if they are targeting any specific platforms to achieve their rankings.

    Once the Platforms are parsed out you can add them to a the List Wizard in order to automatically submit your links to those sites.

    The Sick Platform Reader parses both .txt files and .pdf files.

    Download from here: http://sickmarketing.com/products/pl...formreader.rar

    To Install:

    • Download from the link above
    • Un-zip SickPlatformReader.zip to your desktop or other location. (note: the location)
    • Create a shortcut to your desktop for Platform Reader.exe (so you can find it easy in the future)

    To Run:

    • Open the folder SickPlatformReader.
    • Double Click PlatformReader.exe to open
    • Select your file to parse for links. This file can be a .txt or .pdf file.
    • Choose if you want the Program to output separate files for each platform or just one file for all platforms.
    • ** If you choose just one file you will need to select your output file, this is where you want platform results saved to.
    • Leaving the Get Root PR box checked will attempt to grab the PR of the root domain.
    • Leaving Trim urls to root, will trim your link pages to the root domain.
    • Number of threads can be adjusted based on bandwidth and computing power up to 25 threads.
    • Click Process file to begin.
    • The results file you selected above will open when complete

    Adding or changing platforms:

    A file named filter.txt is included in the Platform Reader folder. It can be opened and modified to add more platforms (currently 68 platforms are supported) or adjust platform footprints to your liking.

    The format is
    Name##Search phrase -- where name is the name of the platform, and search phrase is the on page text to identify the platform type.

    Sharing the Sick Platform Reader

    Please share the Sick Platform reader anywhere you can.


    Every 15 seconds a file "tmpOut.txt" is saved to the output directory with the temporary output (as it would be if you save to 1 file). At the end the temporary file is deleted when the process finishes, so if the program would hang or crash all sites 'till then will be in tmpOut.txt

    Updated Google PR Check URL
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    Twitter: @sickmarketing

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    collywobbles runs:

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    Feature request: set the thread limit really high (eg 500) for those people running on dedicated servers
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