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Sick Submitter 4

What’s New in Submitter 4. Submitter 4 is almost completely rewritten from Submitter 3. We tried to keep the look close to the look of Submitter 3 to allow for an easy transition for you but you should notice increased speed with less resources being used (we increased allowed threads to 110) and the Submitter […]

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Sick Submitter 3.104 – Custom Loops

Custom Loops allows the user to enter a output message that they would like the program to automatically rerun such as Fail Captcha Error. Version 3.121 Download Discuss Version 3.121 How to use Custom Loops: Look on the Bottom left of Submitter tab Find Custom Loop Click Custom Loop Will Open Custom Loop box Enter […]

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Sick Submitter 3.039

Sick Submitter 3.039 Sick Submitter 3 keeps improving with over 60 updates and tweaks in this months version including a new API for exporting your links, a new URL Manager, a new Blog Submitter tab, a rebuilt Scheduler, smarter Advanced Links and new Help tabs. Version 3.043 Download Discuss Version 3.043 ** Note: Minor updates […]

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Sick Submitter 3

All New Automated Backlink Diversity with the Sick Submitter Now with Sick Submitter you get a Forum Profile Submitter, Bookmark Submitter, Directory Submitter, RSS Submitter and Article Submitter all in one easy to use tool. There are some new requirements with Submitter 3. Please be sure to have the following installed before installing: Microsoft .NET […]

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Sick Submitter 2.14.40 RSS Feeds are back

As you may have noticed our RSS Feed solution started to moderate all Feed posts.  Even those created by hand. We realize that creating an RSS Feed with your profile links helps to get those links indexed by the search engines, and we have now implemented another solution. will now be used to create […]

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Sick Scheduler

The new Sick Scheduler will allow you to combine the packet stringing feature in a project file, to schedule all your work making Sick a truly automated solution.  How many of you wold like to come in on Monday, spend an hour or two scheduling all of your link building with Sick Submitter (maybe less) […]

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Sick 2.14.01 Packet Stringing – Update 2.14.06

Its time for a mid month update, and one of the largest feature requests we have had is make this more automated, and we felt one of the best suggestions to accomplish that task was packet stringing. What is Packet Stringing? Packet stringing is a new feature that will allow you to select multiple packets […]

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Sick Submitter 2.12.87 (Directory Submissions)

Sick Directory Submitter is our latest SEO Friendly link building addition to your suite of Sick Tools. With the new Sick automated directory submission tab you can quickly submit your website/s to almost 1600 sites just waiting for your site. To get started: Click the open icon on the Directory Submitter tab, and choose the […]

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Release 2.12.65

Version 2.12.65 should fix the captcha errors, and startup test failures form the previous version.

We appreciate everyone’s patience while we sorted this out.

Read the full version for details and download link.

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